AC/DC meets Airbourn:


AC/DC + Airbourne = Bulletproof - Hard rock band

An evening full of hard rock at its best !!! The three guys from Hof, four of whom were on our small stage today, gave it their all. Right with the first song they showed us where the evening would go. With their "little" Marshall wall they put so much pressure that you had to hold on to the toilet yourself. Whether with their own songs or with their interpretations of some cover songs, they won over the audience, who demanded several encores.

I look forward to seeing/hearing them again soon!

Your Betty


Rock 'n' roll re-import with

"Moonday 6"

It was an evening full of rock'n'roll.

With their rocking songs, their virtuoso playing and their perfect light show, the four guys from Hanover and their technician brought the Black Pearl to life. Although they already know the big stages in our country, they included my little Black Pearl in their tour schedule and branded it with rock'n'roll. Thank you guys and you are always welcome back!

Your Betty !!!

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Metal double feature:

"Hard Times Don't Last" & "Kataris" made the walls shake

Last Saturday evening, the Black Pearl shook as two of the hottest local heavy metal bands took to the stage. To thunderous applause from the fans, "Kataris" and "Hard Times Don't Last" brought the crowd to a boil with an explosion of raw riffs and thunderous drums.

The energy in the air was electrifying as fans went into ecstasy and danced to the brute sounds. From wild pogoing to intense headbanging, the atmosphere was unstoppable.

The Black Pearl once again proved to be the ultimate destination for local heavy metal lovers craving a night of raw energy and unbridled passion. With such impressive performances, the metal fire in the city is not expected to go out for a long time yet.

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Punk on Good Friday

"Purple Foam"

What a night at Betty's Black Pearl in Bremen's Schnoor district! The stage shook and the audience went wild when "Purple Foam" turned our cozy pub into a seething center of music last night.

I can tell you, this punk band has really got what it takes! With their unique mix of pleasure punk, new wave and garage punk, they took the hearts of our guests by storm. And the synthetic sounds they incorporated into their music only added to the atmosphere.

It was fantastic to see the band members on stage with so much passion and energy. Their vocals were captivating and their performance was simply electrifying. The Bett'y Black Pearl has seen many great bands, but Purple Foam have definitely won a special place in our hearts.

The Schnoor district proved to be the perfect backdrop for this unforgettable evening. The narrow streets and historic buildings provided the ideal backdrop for the rebellious mood that Purple Foam spread with their music.

We are proud to have contributed to this unforgettable night and look forward to hopefully welcoming Purple Foam back to Bett'y Black Pearl soon.

Your Betty

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What a sermon! 

"The Ukulele Preacher & Friends"

What a sermon! 
"The ukulele preacher & friends"  
What a sermon!!! 
The ukulele preacher was there with his friends and asked for a musical devotion. The five extraordinary musicians were supported by the Bremen band "Umsonst". With a mix of rock, funk and punk, both bands thrilled the numerous spectators and confirmed that they definitely want to come back. 
It was a successful evening!
Thank you all !!!!
Your Betty


More than just a replacement 
"Tamino & Thorsten" 

Sometimes acoustic, sometimes electric. Tamino Monka & Thorsten Jüttner enchanted the Black Pearl for almost 2 1/2 hours with their excellent guitar playing and Tamino's haunting voice. Originally intended as local support for NiMa Lindner (she unfortunately had to cancel her gig for health reasons - get well soon!!!), they spontaneously took over the musical helm and filled the entire evening with their own works and a few fantastic covers. The audience was thrilled and couldn't get enough. 
I hope to see you here again soon!
Your Betty 


An evening full of funkastic rock 'n' soul

"Annina Struve & Hugoonion"

The three exceptional musicians Mario "Zwiebel" Zielenbach on drums, Markus "Hugo" Schröder on bass and singer and guitarist Annina Struve came all the way from Sauerland. The 15-year history of the band could already be felt during the sound check. Annina Struve's songs could not be pigeonholed into any genre. When the charismatic singer and guitarist took to the stage with her band, they set off a multi-stylistic firework display. To the enthusiastic applause of the largely knowledgeable audience, they showed off their virtuoso playing on their instruments. After the almost two-hour program, several encores were of course demanded and we got them. It was a "funkastic" concert. We want to have you with us again !!!

Your Betty


"FUXX" meets "Apnoe" Rock 'n' Pop from Hamburg  

Two bands, two gigs, one concert. And what a concert! Despite the BSAG strike, the venue was full and these two exceptional bands did not disappoint the audience. With their enthusiasm and energy, both bands made for a successful evening. It was a rollercoaster ride of emotions. From pain to hope to joy, everything was there. 

Your Betty


"Rockabilly meets Rock 'n' Roll"  

Last Friday, rock'n'roll was a guest at Betty's Black Pearl by Betty Entertainment. The spirits of Elvis, Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry could be felt.

Rockabilly meets rock'n'roll - the veterans of the Bremen rock'n'roll scene met the newcomers from Hamburg. It was the perfect mix and the knowledgeable audience responded accordingly to the musicians. It was definitely not the last time with these great musicians.

Many thanks to the ChillCheckers and the "Wild Black Jets".

Your Betty !!!

Your Betty


"3rd Open Mic & Stage Night" 

This was our third Open Mic & Stage Night at Betty's Black Pearl by Betty Entertainment on 16.02.24. Everything from singer-songwriters to gospel, rap and rock was represented. The knowledgeable audience was more than satisfied with this mix.

After the individual performances by the various artists, there was the much-anticipated jam session at the end with everyone on stage together. You could literally see the fun they were having and new musical contacts were made.

In short, it was a successful evening and the fourth Open Mic & Stage Night will certainly not be long in coming!

Your Betty


"DIe Schläger"

"Die Schläger were there !!!

The warhorses of the Bremen music scene gave their all on stage. With beer-heavy songs, garnished with bagpipes and the distinctive grater voice on the mic, they musically beat each other up in the Black Pearl. The enthusiastic audience demanded a second helping or two and was thrilled. I hope to see them again soon!

Your Betty


"3 For More" 

3 For More were actually 4 For More. The three musical foursome played their way into the ears of the audience with mainly original compositions. There was a mix of rock, pop, blues and jazz for almost two hours. With virtuoso guitar playing and topical lyrics from life, the four musicians from Hamburg thrilled the entire Black Pearl. I hope to see them again!   

Your Betty


"Lucky Mirlo & Daniel Moreno & Friends"  + Salsa & Bachata Party 

Una noche perfecta de R'n'B y Salsa! The two guys from Venezuela and Colombia were on deck with me for the second time. This time they had brought some reinforcements with them. They were supported by Abuzar Said from the Bremen underground hip hop scene. With their melodic Latino R'n'B, they thrilled the numerous fans who had travelled here and played their way into their hearts. 
Afterwards, DJ HASSAN played for the Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba Dancing Night. The dancing continued into the early hours of the morning. It was a successful concert and DJ night.

Your Betty



A touch of AC/DC in Betty's Black Pearl by Betty Entertainment 
On 19.01.24 the guys from "CARK" (Mark with a C) were guests in my little black pearl. And they really got down to business! Vocally very close to Brian Johnson (AC/DC), but the songs were all from their own pen. It was rock at its best or as CARK himself calls it: "Rockbottomrock". I hope we see and hear each other here again soon.
Your Betty


"Kaos Prinzip"

It was a fantastic evening! Kaosprinzip is a great band that knows how to inspire their audience with their earthy sound. It was impressive how the band managed to create an energetic atmosphere and carry the audience away. The singer Gordana and the guys rocked the place.  

Your Betty


"Shellshook" + "Maybe Tomorrow"

Trash- und Coremetal in der Black Pearl 

Metal Night @ Betty's Black Pearl by Betty Entertainment
From core metal to trash metal, everything was there. First the guys from "Maybe Tomorrow" kicked off and hammered their songs into our ears. The five metalheads from Soltau gave their all and really got the numerous fans who had arrived up to temperature. 
Then the guys from "Shellshock" from Wilhelmshaven took over the double bass and made the Black Pearl shake. Full of energy, they took over the crowd and impressed with their playing. With their powerful voices and heavy riffs, both bands played their way into the hearts of the metal fans in attendance.
My conclusion after our first Metal Night: 
Anytime again 🤘🏻🤘🏽🤘🏿
I'm already looking forward to it!
Your Betty


"Crazy Nights" 

Rockshow at its best

What a rock show! Although many fans were unable to attend due to the train cancellations between Bremen and Hamburg, the guys from "The Crazy Nights" rocked the Black Pearl. It was as if all the legends of the 80s were on stage at the same time. From Alice Cooper to David Bowie and Poison. You could feel their spirit.
It was a great performance and the enthusiastic audience couldn't stay in their seats. 
Anytime again guys!
Let's rock !!!
Your Betty !!!


"Column Fatal" 
for the 4th time and a full house 

KOLUMNE FATAL is our frontrunner when it comes to gigs in my Black Pearl. The three guys rocked the stage for the fourth time. This time they were once again supported by Lars Schneider. With his distinctive voice and acoustic guitar, he perfectly complemented the band on some songs. The numerous "Hansians" who had traveled from Bremen and La Rosíere joined in enthusiastically and enjoyed the music with delicious food and cool drinks. 
It's always a pleasure with you. Together we get the Dezent full.

Your Betty!



Blues, Rock, Funk & more... 

The blues was in the house! 
What an evening! Unfortunately, our announced band RockDox Blues Band had to cancel due to health reasons. But professional as they are, they provided an adequate replacement themselves. 
The blues, rock and funk band 409 not only represented the boys with dignity, but also set the tone themselves. For two and a half hours, the three bluesmen created an exuberant atmosphere with their powerful own works and covers. The audience of around 40 people grooved, danced and sang along the whole evening in an exuberant atmosphere. 
This evening cries out for an encore !!! We want you three back in my Black Pearl.
Many thanks to all of you !!!
Your Betty


"Lad Pete"  

It was pure rock music. With just drums, guitar and sometimes two-part vocals, the two guys from "Lad Pete" rocked the stage. Inspired by legendary acts such as Oasis, Nirvana, The Stooges or the wild The Who, the power duo managed to present a stylistically fresh mix of classic hard rock and old school punk. The audience was enthusiastic and demanded several encores. The two didn't let themselves get carried away and extended their gig to everyone's great delight!
I hope we see them here again soon!
Your Betty!


Double Feature:

"Paralies" + "Shelter from the Sun" 

The guys from "Paralies" were my guests for the second time. They were joined by the Bremen stoner rock band "Shelter from the sun" as local support. Together they rocked the place. The evening was opened by the classic 3 in 1 experience of Paralies. With music to think about, dance to and forget the world at the moment, they played their way into the audience's memory. 
In the second round were "Shelter from the Sun" for the first time in my Black Pearl. Judith, Jannis, Korffi and Rob thrilled the audience at their debut. With her powerful voice, Judith immediately grabbed the crowd. With a lot of fun and passion, they played their way into the hearts of everyone present. 
See you again soon !!!

Your Betty!


Betty's Blues Club:

"Shuffle Casters" live at Betty's Black Pearl 

In my second Betty's Blues Club evening, the girls and boys from "Shuffle Casters" were my guests. From Mississippi to Chicago, from slow to almost, they covered everything that the instruments and voices had to offer. With their powerful vocals and virtuoso guitar playing, they played their way into the hearts of the enthusiastic audience in the Black Pearl. You could tell that they felt very much at home on my small stage. 
I hope to see them again soon!

Your Betty!


Betty's first comedy club with the improv theater group "Eukalyptussalat" from Kiel 

 We were all very excited to see what was in store for us! Improvisational theater from the Côte d'Azur of the Baltic Sea. Thanks to our loyal regular guest and passionate dancer Frank, we got in touch with the Kiel troupe. The five-member troupe came to Bremen with a group of fans and friends. With a varied program lasting almost two hours, they had the audience in attendance in fits of laughter. It was great fun for everyone. I would be delighted to see the girls and boys again.

Your Betty


2nd Open Mic & stage Night 

at Betty's Black Pearl

At my second Open Mic & Stage Night, several musicians once again dared to take to my small stage. You could hear everything from singer-songwriters to Teckno and rock. 
The evening opened with the spontaneous duo Uli & Gert on drums and electric guitar. A highlight was "Fabilicious" with its Teckno electro-pop crossover performance. The audience's reaction started with open mouths and ended in rapturous applause. As a contrasting program, there was then a singer-songwriter number by an unknown artist with very soulful guitar playing and beautiful singing. The evening was rounded off with a virtuoso drum solo by Gert Güdter (RockDox Blues Band / 409). 
I'm already looking forward to the next Open Mic & Stage evening !!!

Your Betty


"Lütschy" & "Useless Regrets" 

Punk from soft to hard Live at Betty's Black Pearl

It was a double pack that had it all! LÜTSCHY opened the evening with rather calmer tones but with lyrics with clear statements. With his acoustic guitar and his own songs, he got the fans in the mood. Afterwards, the guys from USELESS REGRETS took to the stage and got the foundation walls shaking. With their powerful guitar riffs, the musicians from Rotenburg got the fans into wild pogoing fits. It really rattled in the Black Pearl.


"Lucky Mirlo & Daniel Moreno" 

live at Betty's Black Pearl

Full of passion and conviction, Lucky and Daniel performed their R'n'B and Hip Hop in my little black pearl. The numerous guests were thrilled and demanded several encores. The musicians and their fans celebrated together until late into the night. Even after the concert, people stayed and danced to Latino hip hop.
It was great fun and I look forward to welcoming you both again.


1 Year betty‘s black peral 

1st anniversary party 

It is hard to believe! It's actually been a year since I opened the doors of my little Black Pearl for the first time. On 22.10.2022 the big adventure started. So much has happened since then. Parties, weddings, birthdays, live music and DJ's have found a new "home" with me. A lot of sweat and hard work actually made it possible. Many thanks to all these wonderful artists who have breathed life into my Black Pearl. Also a big thank you to all the staff and temps for your dedication! Two big smacks go to MILAN and JAN! Thanks to your help, tips and support the Black Pearl has become what it is now. 
And last but not least a huge kiss to all of you who came and spent the last year with me. 
Thank you so much !!!
Your Betty


Indie Rock from Berlin meets Indie Folk from Dublin

Everything was represented, from the soft and melodic sounds of the wonderful BRÓNA KEOGH from Dublin/Ireland to the somewhat harder and louder sounds of the Berlin Indie Rock band "NIKKI Neun. It was a beautiful mix from folk to rock, from hard to soft, from solo to band. At the drums sat the insane drummer LUCY, who we already know from "TV MOMS". I hope, I may welcome you soon again with me.
Your Betty !!!


Alternative Rock & Desert Rock meets Betty's Black Pearl

A mix of alternative rock with postcore, segueing into almost dreamy ambient. That was Lightpuzzle.                         
Between desert rock, grunge and indie rock, between anger and hope, between heavy
Grooves and shimmering harmonies Nicotine Gold found themselves together with me. It was a rocking evening with extremely good music, atmosphere and enthusiastic fans. Almost three hours the eight musicians from Nordhorn and Stade spoiled our spoiled ears. There was so much power coming from the stage that one or the other amplifier gave up its ghost. But such small problems don't let real musicians get out of the calm. After a quick repair, they were able to hit the stage again and made it shake. 
Anytime again guys!
Your Betty !!!


Ten Years on Deck - The Anniversary Concert of "Bilge on the Rocks

"With that name, I just had to play with you guys!" Betty's Black Pearl was simply the appropriate name for his anniversary concert. After ten years of playing at all the major harbor festivals, town fairs and fairs, Bilge on the Rocks rocked his handmade shanties in his inimitable way on my small stage. All the "passengers" who came paid his wages with the appropriate applause. I hope he will come back to my little harbor soon on his journey.

Your Betty !!!


The Night of the 1000 candles

The night of the 1000 candles in the Schnoor in Betty's Black Pearl with Marco von Bassen
It was a wonderful night with great musical accompaniment by Marco von Bassen. Many new faces and interesting people came to my little Black Pearl. 
You are all cordially invited to come again!

Your Betty !!!


Punkrock at its Best in Betty's Black Pearl

On 29.09.23 "Skip to Friday", "Faust auf Faust" and "Sempf" rocked the Black Pearl with their passionate punk rock. Three and a half hours the three bands played, raved and sang their hearts out. The numerous fans had their true joy and celebrated the musicians. 
You are all welcome again!
Your Betty


The US grungers "TV Moms" rocked the Black Pearl with their Gutter Rock

The band with the farthest journey so far made the Black Pearl shake on Friday. TV MOMS on their world tour (Lucy & Luke) played without a break their own works full of passion and had the knowledgeable audience excited. Already at the first piece Luke shows what is in him and played with full body. Lucy on the drums convinced the numerous drummers present with her excellent playing.  Much too fast the concert with these two likeable musicians was over. I hope they will stop by again.
Your Betty

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Révolution R at Betty's Black Pearl

Revolution R Betty's Black Pearl by Betty Entertainment . On Saturday, the 12.08.23 the guys and girls from Revolution R were our guests. This gig came about quite spontaneously. "Do you have a place for us on Saturday?" "Yeah, Sure!" OK, we'll be there!" And already it was booked.
With a mix of reggae, ragga and rap, the group from Oldenburg heated up the crowd well. The full Black Pearl was cooking. Spontaneous dance choreographies with the singers, virtuoso musicians and super atmosphere rounded off the evening.
Hope to see you again soon!
Your Betty !!!


My First Betty's Blues Club

Betty's Blues Club Betty's Black Pearl by Betty Entertainment
Spontaneous Blues by Julia at my first Blues Night in my little black pearl. The Blues fans who came had fun and enjoyed the musical interludes of André, Julia and Uli. 
I hope that at the next Blues Club even more blues lovers will come and together we can continue to expand this event.
Your Betty !!!


1st Open Mic & Stage Night at Betty's Black Pearl

My first Open Mic & Stage evening was a complete success. Six different musicians met in my little black pearl to first listen to each other and then jam together on stage at the end. The audience, including the bachelor party, was enthusiastic and wanted one encore after the next. After three hours of making music together, the first evening of this kind was over and it cries out for repetition.
I thank all musicians and listeners for this wonderful evening. 

P.S. I would especially like to thank Grandpa Uli (former drummer of the Tenders), who made his drum set available to us.  
Thanks Grandpa !!!