Events 2023/24

Bachata/Salsa/Zouk  Every Wednsday 20 H 

In 2023 I will open my doors every Wednesday from 8 pm to the melodious sounds of Bachata, Salsa & Zouk. The tables are moved aside and the Black Pearl becomes a dance arena. Whether beginner or advanced, you are all welcome !!!


DJ Pete Bo 

"See the trouble with me"

21:30 h

Funk, soul & pop from the 60s & 70s to the present day. It will be a musical journey through the most beautiful decades of music. From Barry White to Donna Summer and Amy Winehouse, everything will be represented. Whether you're an alt-68er, rocker, mod, hippie or simply a lover of this unique music. You are all very welcome.

Admission free !!!


Rockdox Blues Band 

Handmade Bluesrock

20 h

The blues is starting to feel at home in Betty's Black Pearl. Another musical tidbit of this quintessentially American music is making an appearance at my house.

RockDox Blues Band - Although the four seasoned musicians have devoted themselves to American
blues rock, they don't shy away from crossing borders and like to expand their setlist
and like to expand their setlist with songs from other musical genres.
Their repertoire includes pieces by Stevie Ray Vaughan, Henrik Freischlader and ZZ Top,
just to name a few. The program is therefore extremely varied and
a lot of stage experience and unrestrained joy of playing lead to the fact that the whole
the whole thing not only sounds good, but can also go into the legs.

Admission Free !!!


Kolumne Fatal 


20 h

For the fourth time I may welcome the guys from Kolumne Fatal with me. To a third in a new line-up Kolumne Fatal will spoil in their musical living roomuns.
What is it about? 
The German independent trio moves musically between John Mayer, Rory Gallagher, Blumfeld and the classic German/Rock/Poppers. 
The lyrics deal with the generally short-changed, drunkards, young parents, dreamers and middle class prisoners or "big city hectic people" and "Mama Söhnchen". 
In partly deceptively harmonic garb, the songs penetrate deep into the listener, 
not always meant quite seriously.

Admission Free !!!


"The Crazy Nights" 

20 h

The voice and the weirdness of The Pleasures, the pathos and the magic of great anthems, the favorite hits of your rock idols, the all new Leif show with glitter, love and with a touch of evil. This is "Leif Astroid an The Crazy Nights" from Germany/Australia.
Of all things this band was founded in the beginning of 2020 and actually it really took off, because they quickly had a live set including tour together and were ready for the stages of this planet. Why all this was postponed several times, especially Christian Drosten knows.
The individual musicians of this truly colorful troupe are internationally successful and have traveled far and wide, promptly founded Hamburg's new "supergroup" and could hardly be more different. Here, seasoned Hamburg metallers (Jörg Kassel and Carsten Sharky Meyer) meet the Australian guitar virtuoso Jake. And all together on Leif Astroid, who dances with his up to 5 octave voice on the musical tightrope somewhere between heart rock, glitter, lust and burden, love and doom, joy and black humor.
A night with The Crazy Nights is everything but sleeping through the night. Every song is not just played on stage, but lived in style until even the last audience member sings along.
Big show in a small club? Ladies and comes The Crazy Nights!!!

Admission Free !!!



20 h

In the new year it gets loud. Trash Metal from the Côte d'Azur of the North Sea, Wilhelmshaven, comes crashing down on us. 
Their mission: to bring handmade metal to the people. For them metal has to be hard,
fast and a bit dirty.

Thundering drums penetrate the room, a brute bass sound brings the
the floor to tremble. From the speakers comes a deafening scream,
the guitar screeches back the grotesque melody. - This is the sound of a concert by

Awesome music, Nordic serenity and a fat sound. Everything the metal heart 

I am looking forward to you!
Your Betty!

Admission Free !!!



20 h

CARK is English-language rock bottom rock from Herford. Founded at the end of 2018, the musicians Michael Corazza, Bernd Baruth and Frank von Phorn bring experience from a wide variety of musical genres. Pushing beats with deep hard guitar, grooving bass and something you could also call vocals make up the sound of CARK's original compositions.
The songs are meant for a knockout to the 12. BEAM.

Looking forward to seeing you!
Your Betty!

Admission Free !!!


"3 for more"

20 h

After the line-up change, the three Hamburg musicians continue to play soulful pop-rock, which they like to garnish with refined jazz harmonies. The repertoire includes pieces by well-known artists as well as songs from their own pen. Each song in the repertoire is given the typical "3 for more touch", so that cover songs (John Mayer, Robben Ford, Sting, the Meters, Marvin Gaye, Eric Clapton, Gregory Porter) and original compositions sound as if they were cast from a single mould.
Jan Niesitka : guitar & vocals
Scott Delicious : bass
Henning Staerk : drums

I am looking forward to seeing you!
Your Betty!

Free admission !!!


"Moonday 6"

20 h

The band consists mainly of professional musicians who came together due to their empty touring schedules
during the pandemic. Singer Tobias Kiel has toured internationally with the a cappella group vocaldente and toured the USA for over ten years. Guitarist Holger Marx has played his way to the stages of Wacken with the metal band Velvet Viper. Narrowly missing out on the hair bands in their youth, they experienced the brief phase of grunge. What started with Nirvana and Soundgarden, roughly with influences from the Foo Fighters and Slash, serves as inspiration for their band moonday6. It's not just more hard rock from the provinces, but American rock n roll - re-imported, so to speak. With producer Hannes Jaeckl they recorded twelve songs, which will be released as their first album on 31 March 2023.

I am looking forward to seeing you!
Your Betty!

Admission Free !!!