Events 2024

wednesdays Summertime 

Bachata/Salsa/Kizomba  21:30 H 

In the summertime (from May) I will open my doors from 21:30. Then you can come to my well-chilled dance cellar and dance the summer nights away with equally chilled drinks. 
Your Betty

Admission: Free!


"Light the Cannons" 

Support: "Vor Allen Dingen"

20 h

In short? 
Four friends, three nationalities, one passion for music. But also much more.

Light The Cannons are a four-piece alternative rock band from all over Europe, based in Hamburg. Channeling diverse lyrical themes through an equally colorful musical palette, Light The Cannons deliver catchy songs with anthemic choruses, all filtered through a healthy dose of dark humor and pop sensibility.

The band was founded in 2020 by Chris, a British guitarist and songwriter who has found his new home in Hamburg. Today the band consists of drummer Henry (UK), singer Anni (Germany) and bassist Serena (Italy). Light the Cannons are known for their energetic stage performances and their inclusive and open attitude towards music and creativity.

You can look forward to powerful vocals, heavy guitar and bass riffs, fiery drums and lyrics that deal with mental health, consumerism, sometimes love (and sometimes heartbreak) and much more. The band's live shows are characterized by friendship, openness and a good dose of humour as well as a clear love for the musical craft.
 Today's local special guest is: "Vor allen Dingen"
They play a brooding groove. 
"Four men ride their bonanza bikes through a pop landscape full of guitars, synthesis, bass, drums and samples into an improvised midlife crisis.  If you don't want to listen to the German lyrics full of unsparing self-reflection and inventories of a half-lived life, just shake your ass." 

I'm really looking forward to this spellbinding power!
Your Betty

Admission free !!!

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Saturday Night Fever             Afrobeats - Old School - Latin Dance

DJ Valero (HH)

20 h

A new Sherrif is in town! DJ Valero from Hamburg! 
After his successful debut at Tanz in den Mai, he will once again treat us to the best of Afrobeats, Old School & Latin Dance.

Admission: 5€


"Malte Schlake" 

Rock - Pop - Folk

20 h

Malte's music can be assigned to the singer-songwriter/pop genre, but is also cross-genre and contains elements from the rock and folk genres. Guitar numbers and melodic pop songs give the listener a harmonious listening pleasure.

How it all began: After his music teacher noticed his natural sense of rhythm, he began learning the drums at the age of 10. At the age of 14, he wrote his first song after receiving an electric guitar for his birthday. Shortly before that, he searched the old transistor radio in the kitchen for a song on the radio that he liked. He couldn't find one and told himself he would make his own that he liked.

In the years of his youth in a small village in northern Germany, he devoted himself to songwriting and self-taught learning of musical instruments, recording and music production rather than parties and alcohol. He makes his own songs. In December 2021, the multi-instrumentalist released his song "Wintermärchen". This was followed by an invitation to the radio program Sternstunde and airplay on several radio stations in Germany. On January 13, 2022, a second song "will heut niemand sehn" was released. 
You can find all other releases on Spotify and Soundcloud:

Admission FREE !!!

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"Chapeau Klang" 

20 h

After the guys around their singer Doro had to cancel their first concert with me for health reasons, they are now coming back here with all their musical might. Now more than ever, they say, and will make the Black Pearl shake, dance, dream and sing. 
Powerful and touching at the same time - that's how CHAPEAU KLANG moves the audience. Voice, sound and beat! 
Doro, Michael and Roman! They sing and play their way through this great life and offer the possibility of moving moments. Whether in German, English, French or Croatian. The repertoire meets open ears and the audience finds itself again - or anew, every time!
See for yourself!

Your Betty

Admission free !!!


"Blue Jagow" 

20 h

The blues is back!
BLUEJAGOW is a blues trio from Berlin that focuses on delta, hill country blues and blues rock. A transparent and dry sound with a pulsating groove are typical for the band. With rough shuffle and stomping delta songs, BLUEJAGOW convey the certainty that our often tragic world is still worth living in - blues unites sadness and happiness at the same time.  Catchily arranged songs are performed on stage. You don't have to be a blues expert for this. 

I'm really looking forward to seeing you!
Your Betty

Admission: Free !!!



20 h

In the heart of Mexico's musical tapestry, Illuminasty emerges as the brainchild of a visionary sonic architect in 2016. The enigmatic force behind the project seamlessly weaves together elements of rock, electronic, and avant-garde, creating a sound that is as hypnotic as it is explosive. Illuminasty is not just a solo endeavor; it's a declaration of musical independence, a celebration of sonic liberation that pushes the boundaries of what rock music can achieve. From the vibrant landscapes of Mexico to the eclectic streets of Europe and the neon-lit metropolises of Japan, Illuminasty has mesmerized listeners with a genre-defying exploration of sound.



20 h

For the second time, I have the pleasure of presenting the legendary KLEINMUSIKVEREIN in my Black Pearl. The sounds of the first concert still resonate after more than a year, and I can hardly wait to hear them in a new version. Even without lyrics, the three guys from Bremen (even from the Schnoor !!!) can captivate you and take your musical breath away with their improvised pieces. 
 I'm really looking forward to the three of them !!!

Your Betty

Admission free !!!


"Morbus Greed" 

20 h

The year is 2023, or to be more precise, May 2023. 3 guys are standing in a basement and ROCKING for all they're worth.
In this magical moment of rock'n'roll, "MORBUS GREED" is born.
The line-up is just as classic as this moment.
Consisting of guitar, bass and drums. So let's go and LET'S ROCK !!!!!!!
Morbus Greed is a hard rock / metal band with passion and that's exactly what the three of them convey.
So if you like to shake your head, stomp your foot, raise your fries fork in the air,
singing along or just want to have their ears blown free with fat riffs and melodious tunes, 
Morbus Greed is the right band for you.

Admission FREE !!!


"Red Hot 54"  & "Chill Checkers"

Rock 'n' Roll meets Rockabilly 

20 Uhr

The Black Pearl is slowly becoming an insider's tip for cultivated rock'n'roll. This time we have two excellent Teddy Boy Bands at the start. 
Today's local heroes are:
"For more than 15 years now, REDHOT 54 have been performing on the live stages of this country to present the best of Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Elvis, the Stray Cats and Johnny Kid and the Pirates to music-loving rock'n'rollers.
Numerous songs from their own creative pen complete the program, which invites you to sing and dance along. Olaf (guitar/vocals) Daniel (doghouse bass) and Uli (drums/back vocals) love the rock'n roll/rockabilly of the good old days.
And rock'n roll loves them.
And the three musicians show this to their audience again and again. They have already supported Alvin Stardust + Mad Sin live and performed on stage with the Hot Wheels."
So, go and see them live."

From our friendly neighboring city of Hamburg come for the second time this year the:
The ChillCheckers ensure the right operating temperature. Back to the roots - but in a fresh guise, they don't allow themselves to be squeezed into a corset and combine rock'n'roll, rockabilly and blues with a pinch of surf.
On the road as a trio with Tony (39) on mic and electric guitar, Freddy (32) on drums and Arnd (42) on electric bass.

Your Betty 

Admission FREE !!!


"The Silverettes" 

20 h

The 3 Rockabellas of the Silverettes have been touring for ten years and have been signed to ToBaGo Records for just as long. After a few initial line-up changes, the trio has become a permanent working unit, writing, playing and singing their own material as well as arranging songs by other artists and genres in their unique style.

This brilliant development could not have been foreseen when the ladies originally came together as the backing choir for the rock'n'roll ensemble The Golden Boys. In 2010, The Silverettes went independent, and four years later their aptly titled debut album "Real Rock 'n' Roll Chicks" was available on real and digital shelves. After appearances as support acts for the likes of Dick Brave & The Backbeats, Boppin' B. and The BossHoss, the band quickly became an insider tip. With perfect three-part vocals, the triumvirate mastered the leap from supporting act to main act. An absolute novelty in rock'n'roll. Especially as the current rockabilly scene is still only too happy to cling to outdated role clichés: Quite a few of the meticulously pomaded hairdressers still regard females merely as "decorative accessories". In this respect, The Silverettes are also doing a bit of emancipation work with TALK DIRTY.


I'm really looking forward to the three girls and their rock 'n' roll.

Your Betty


VK: 14

(in Betty's Black Pearl

Wed - Sat at 8 pm)



"The Crazy Nights" 

20 h

They were here almost a year ago - The Crazy Nights from Hamburg. It was a glamorous show at its best. 
"The voice and the weirdness of The Pleasures, the pathos and the magic of great anthems, the favorite hits of your rock idols, the completely new Leif show with glitter, love and a touch of evil. These are "The Crazy Nights" from Hamburg.

This band was founded at the beginning of 2020 and things really took off, as they quickly put together a live set and tour and were ready for the stages of this planet.

The individual musicians in this truly diverse group have enjoyed international success and traveled far and wide, promptly formed Hamburg's new "supergroup" and could hardly be more different. Here, seasoned Hamburg metallers (Jörg Kassel and Carsten Sharky Meyer) meet the unpredictable guitarist Christian Krizzy Schwalm. And all together on Leif Astroid, who dances with his up to 4 octave voice on the musical tightrope somewhere between heart rock, glitter, lust and burden, love and ruin, joy and black humor.
A night with The Crazy Nights is anything but sleeping through the night. Every song is not just played on stage, but lived stylishly until even the last member of the audience sings along. Big show in a small club? Ladies and comes The Crazy Nights.

Admission: FREE !!!